Win a free trip to Taiwan with Taiwan Tourism in the campaign “Lucky Bubble Tea, Fly Me to Taiwan”

Bangkok Thailand – Taiwan Tourism Administration Bangkok Office, The organization providing information and knowledge about tourism in Taiwan has promoted Taiwan’s tourism by leveraging the soft power of the popular beverage ‘Bubble Milk Tea,’ which has captured the hearts of people worldwide, including in Thailand.

Bubble Milk Tea originated from Taiwan, boasting a deliciously sweet and comforting taste. This drink has gained worldwide popularity, and through its appeal, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in Bangkok recognized the soft power it held in promoting Taiwanese tourism. Hence, the campaign ‘Lucky Bubble Tea, Fly Me to Taiwan’ was conceived as a result of this recognition

The Taiwan Tourism Administration Bangkok Office partnered with The Alley, a highly popular Bubble Milk Tea shop from Taiwan that opened branches in Thailand, to launch the campaign ‘Lucky Bubble Tea, Fly Me to Taiwan: Journey to Taiwan, Soaring to the World of Bubble Tea.’ This collaboration aimed to leverage the already renowned soft power of Bubble Tea to further stimulate Thai interest in visiting Taiwan. The campaign compiled 15 iconic Taiwanese tourist attractions, showcasing their beauty and stories, within the campaign’s point accumulation system. This was intended to illustrate the allure and narratives of these destinations, such as Taipei 101, Love River, Sun Moon Lake, and Wei Wei Jia Shi Bing Jiao Yu Nong Yuan village.

This campaign took place from October 1st to 31st, 2023, where everyone had the opportunity to participate and stand a chance to win prizes. The grand prize included round-trip flight tickets from Bangkok to Taiwan, with one prize comprising two seats. Additionally, there were over 130 special prizes. To join the campaign, participants simply needed to purchase items from the Bubble Milk Tea menu as per the campaign’s guidelines, scan the QR code for registration, and their names would be entered into the system, immediately qualifying them for the prize draw.

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